utorak, prosinca 29, 2015

Interviews With Bloggers Series

This is a popular series of mine.I enjoy writing it and collabing with these awesome bloggers.
Special thanks to Anja,Katarina,Iva,Petra,Milica .:)
I interview some of my favourite Balkan bloggers and make a post with their answers.
The first interview featuring Anja Minić from Anja's Diary:READ HERE!
The second interview featuring Katarina from Fashionholic-yeahh:READ HERE!
The third interview featuring Iva Trogrlić from IvaFashionDiary:READ HERE!
The fourth interview featuring Petra Grčić from Fighter,Brave and Runner:READ HERE!
The fifth interview featuring Milica Stanišić from Iammilitza:READ HERE!

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